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Motivational Speakers: A Lucrative Job for a Select Few?

 It comes as no surprise that being a motivational speaker has become one of the most high-paying jobs available in the market. And with the charm of these people, they seem to make it look very easy. When you speak to them, they’re always so happy to help. Is it because of their earnings?

Motivational speakers deliver speeches that are aimed to push people towards a certain personal goal. These goals could be anything ranging from making more money, creating a prosperous relationship, and even losing weight. And these people earn an average of more than $85,000 per year!

Motivationa-speakersA closer look at their jobs will show that motivational speakers earn every time they take the stage. These rates could go as high as $25,000 per speech! These opportunities come in the form of events wherein organizers hire them to share their knowledge with those who attend these gatherings. These could be commencement exercises, team buildings, leadership seminars, and even management conventions.

Their experiences and knowledge back their credentials.

And to be on the top of the food chain and the rates chart, they also need the track record to prove their worth. This track record could come from successful companies that they’ve helped grow, people who have become successful because of their advice, and even sales from the books that they’ve written.

Motivational speakers can’t just simply ask for a high rate without anything to substantiate their claims for such extraordinary amounts. This is why for some people, being a motivational speaker is more of a special kind of job that requires special skills.

But from the perspective of a motivational speaker, it’s less of a job and more of a calling. Some speakers learned they wanted to speak for a living when they were very young, such as Patrick Schwerdtfeger. He went into the speaking business with very little experience and learned the ropes through his talks. He developed his speaking skills as well as his material over the years and is now one of the most wanted speakers.

Additionally, there are also those who found this calling a little later in life.

People like Rene Godefroy discovered he wanted to be a motivational speaker after serving as a doorman to a hotel for several years. Through his determination, he was able to get the training and the exposure to land himself a position as one of the most successful speakers in the market.

Motivational speakersWith just these two examples, it’s easy to see that speaking to motivate isn’t a select job for a select few; it’s definitely not only for those with select skills. Of course, there are skills that one needs in order to start a career in motivational speaking, but it doesn’t make the industry an exclusive career choice. Almost anyone with enough determination to learn what is needed will be able to make it big and earn an average of $3,000 dollars per speaking session.

It can be considered as a venture that requires plenty of patience and determination but entails plenty of rewards if one pushes through with it. If everyone did have what it takes to become motivational speakers, then they wouldn’t be able to earn as much. There is a premium people pay to have people like them speak and share in front of an audience. And a motivational speaker is backed by experience and knowledge to demand such premiums.

With that being said, motivational speaking is not a lucrative job only available for the select few, but is more of an occupation meant for everyone who has the determination only a select few start out with.

Golf Drivers For Women

A female golfer’s standard club set is composed of 12-14 clubs for a single round of golf. Nevertheless, before deciding on those final clubs, you should first be aware of her own personal experience , swing strength and measurements so that you will make a truly informed decision.

Here are a few guidelines that you can use in building the perfect golf club set for yourself or for any aspirant female golfer.


Start with the Basics

In order to give yourself greater options as well as greater odds of easily adapting to different situations, you should ensure that you have the most basic clubs included in your golfing arsenal. Ideally, you should have a putter, 2 wedges, 3 woods, and seven irons in your golf set.

Golf Drivers

The woods in your set are the 3-wood, 5-wood, and the golf drivers. Meanwhile, the irons set is composed of the 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron. Finally, you should also have a sand wedge and a pitching wedge as well as the putter, of course. Click here for more information about Golf Drivers.

Measure yourself

The next step in finding the right clubs is determining your personal measurements or those of your intended recipient. After all, height is of particular importance when it comes to the finding the best club length.

43 inches would be the average length for golf drivers for a woman standing at 5 feet and 9 inches. Therefore, it follows that you should either add or subtract one inch from the driver length for every inch taller or shorter that you are than the standard woman’s height. Likewise, you should also add or subtract half an inch from the various irons, wedges, and woods in order to discern their correct lengths.

Consider a Hybrid

For most women nowadays, the standard set of long irons might seem unnecessary. After all, not only are they an added expense, they already have hybrid counterparts available that are better suited for female golfers in particular. A single hybrid club can already replace 3-4 long irons. Likewise, a hybrid is much easier to manage and easier to swing than a typical long iron.

Know your Swing Speed

Compared to men, most women are typically shorter and have much slower swing speeds. For that reason, you will have to be more discerning regarding the specifications of your irons, golf drivers, putters, and other golf equipment. Women with considerably higher swing speeds can already settle for a 3-wood or 7-wood. Conversely, those with particularly slow swing speeds below 60 miles per hour should invest in titanium golf clubs that offer greater loft.

The ideal loft angles for slow hitters are 16 degrees for your 3-wood and 14 degrees for your golf drivers. However, you also have the option of replacing your 3-wood with higher odd-numbered woods such as a 7-wood or a 9-wood.


Additionally, a more flexible shaft will allow you to achieve greater trajectory despite your slow swing speed. The less flexible shafts are often used by golfers with naturally faster swing speeds who can already manipulate them to achieve longer distances.

Know your tools

Generally, less experienced golfers with weaker swings will benefit from the aid of the longer 7-iron. Meanwhile, women golfers with stronger swings can make do with a 5-iron. If you fall into the former category, you should consider a purchasing an iron with a rounder and wider sole with an added weight in order to compensate for your swing speed.

On the other hand, the two wedges in your golf set must fit different criteria in order for them to function to their full capacity. The sand wedge should have a minimum loft angle of 56 degrees. Meanwhile, the loft angle of the pitching wedge can be compared to the 9-iron and measure at least 4 degrees more at the minimum

4 Pieces of Bad Advice a SEO Company Can Give You

Search any topic related to SEO and you will get hit with hundreds of thousands of results. In fact, you will get so many ideas flying around, that you may find it hard to believe that most of them are wrong. You may run into a blog post or a bit of content from a SEO company, and when you explore a bit more, you’ll realize that they too are wrong about optimization strategies in these modern times.

search engineIf you are looking to hire a professional, you will need to look at the bad advice and run far away from it. In trying to find the truth of the SEO world, the following has been compiled. You’ll find that these tidbits are tried and true in that they have debunked common optimization myths that are still being advertised by certain companies. If you see this offered by a company that you want to hire or you are going to try your hand at doing it yourself, be careful, you may end up losing out in the long term.

Dropping Comments on No Follow Blogs

In the past, you could use the comment section of a website and gain a lot of backlinks. You could even hire an SEO company to diligently drop comments and links into no follow blogs and you would score huge ranking jumps. This is absolutely bad in today’s framework. If you’re doing this still, or you’ve hired someone to do this, you are going to end up with a lot of problems. The latest algorithm shifts in major search platforms are penalizing sites that do this, and it’s because the commentary is traditionally spam. Offering something valuable to a conversation takes time, and effort. Every comment you leave on a blog will get tracked and the time stamp, length of post, and link to your site will be scrutinized. If there’s a proliferation of the comments across several similar blogs, you are going to lose traffic.

Forum Signatures

There’s nothing wrong with forum signatures, if you’re an active member of a forum. However, if you hire forum users to change their signatures to point to your page, or any sort of service that does this, you’ll end up losing out as well. The problem here is repetition and constant spamming of forums. Webmasters that host forums online have started to implement rules against this, making sure that their forums aren’t used for the sake of SEO spamming, but it’s still prevalent. Try to avoid anything that requires you to duplicate content, or continually hinge on one keyword for the purpose of backlinks to your site.

Article Marketing (Spinning)

article-marketingSpinning articles is a slippery slope. It’s something that you should not engage in, and should be wary of from certain companies. If you hire a SEO company and they are going to post content on your behalf, and will be spinning articles, make sure that they are not done with duplication, software, or any sort of shortcut. It’s easy to spin, and cause major break downs of information. This is seen as spam. If you’re going to engage any sort of article publishing, make sure that everything you have is 100% unique, and new, with careful consideration of the end user. Otherwise, you will fall out of favor with search results.

Buying Backlinks From Link Farms

Be careful when you’re directed to buy links, or hire a SEO company that is notorious for buying links from these farming sites. You want to make sure that you have a direct relationship with sites that are linking to you, or at least ensure that you’re not buying placements on pages that are not relevant to your page or simply have been penalized for lackluster compliance with modern optimization rules.

What Can An SEO Company Do For Your Business?

Search engine optimization(SEO) is important for any business if they want to boost their rankings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. But SEO entails more than just keyword frequency and density. Likewise, you do not have to set up an SEO department to do these functions. You can outsource the job to an SEO company. Here you’ll discover things that an SEO provider can do for your company:

Initial Research, Audit, and Analysis

seoBefore providing their services to your company, SEO companies will conduct initial preparations. They are well aware that what worked best in one of their clients may not exactly apply to your business. There are too many factors that may come into play and so they will need to resolve them first. This stage of search engine optimization will usually involve the following:

Keyword Research:-

This involves identification of keywords that will generate the best results for your company. This is usually the keyword that is not heavily targeted by your competition.

Google Analytics analysis:-

The SEO firm will conduct a review of your past performance using Google Analytics or other web analytics tools which could show positive or negative trends and opportunities for improvement.

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis:-

Likewise, the firm will also conduct a review of your history and present status in Google Webmaster in order to bring to light possible technical problems in your website.

Link Profile Analysis:-

Link building is now a practice that is penalized by Google. SEO companies will help clean up spammy links related to your website.

Site Audit:-

More often than not, the SEO provider will conduct an audit of different SEO factors such as website and webpage loading speed, URL structure, internal links, title tags, Meta description, and others. This will also include other metrics outside of rankings such as conversion and profit.

Initial Optimization

Whatever will be the results of the first stage will lead to both one-time and ongoing SEO activities. This step in search engine optimization will involve the following:

Website redesign:-

In extreme situations, a complete redesign of your website may be required. This may be necessary if the company found your website as outdated, has poor conversion and poor code, or if fixing everything costs much more than starting from scratch.

Code Overhaul:-

Even if redesign is not necessary, there may be a need for a code overhaul to make your website more SEO friendly. As to the extent of the overhaul, this will depend on some details but will usually range from light cleanup of the code to a complement replacement while keeping the current design.

Link Removal and Disavowal:-

When the link profile analysis reveals a huge number of poor quality inbound links or even a penalty, then it may be necessary to remove as many links as necessary by contacting webmasters or disavowing irremovable backlinks.

Link Building

While some SEO services are one-time activities, majority are continuous in nature. Link building is one of them as there is a need to provide fresh links to keep your website updated. Building links may involve the following activities:

Link monitoring:-

The optimization company will track the links and make sure that you will not become a victim of a negative SEO attack. This is an important activity, especially if the inbound link provided can give more value through modification.

Competitor Research:-

By monitoring the SEO activities of competitors, the SEO company will get the chance to learn new strategies.

Brand Monitoring:-

When your company is mentioned, it should always point to a link to your website. However, if this is not the case, the SEO firm will locate the person who mentioned your company will ask for the appropriate link.


The SEO provider will also target other activities in order to promote your content and build links. This can include guest blogging and others.

These are just some of the things that a SEO service provider can do for your business.

Better Blog Comments Will Rebound Your SEO Over Time

There was a time on the web where you could leave a lot of comments and get sent a great deal of traffic. In some instances, people were “gaming” the system and buying comments from people. You can still do this, but it’s going to be harder to rank if you hire someone else to do your bidding. Of course, there are some professional services that can help you with this, but more often than not, you’re going to need to work with a variety of different elements moving forward. In order to gain leverage with this type of work and gain traffic from your seo efforts, you will need to consider creating better, more organic comments on pages that will link back to you. Not all comments will register, but those that do, will definitely help your overall reach.

CommentsThe first thing that you need to consider is where you’re leaving comments. If you’re just dropping comments on any site that you find, you’re going to be missing out on the real opportunity that abounds. SEO work requires quality and not just quantity. You could always spread your comments across thousands of sites, but if the sites aren’t of a certain quality, you will not gain leverage in the long term. You need to focus on the betterment of your links, and that means that the pages that you comment on have to be bar none, unique and well trafficked. If there’s no one visiting these pages, then there’s no real inherent value to the links that you may get pointed to your page.

Another thing that you need to think about when you’re leaving comments behind is to look at placing longer commentary on blog posts and more. You need to give people more than a few words or even a sentence. Think about making an original contribution to their comment section and make absolutely sure that you are not just leaving behind drivel. It’s too easy to do that, and in the end, you could hurt your seo reach. Do not just drop and run, take your time, consider the commentary, and then leave something that will engage the conversation and could even get you hits as a result. If you just post whatever you want, you will end up losing out in the long term.

Another thing you need to remember is that not all of your comments will get indexed within search engines. Sure, a lot of them could, but if you are doing this hours on end each day, and you’re hitting a lot of pages, you will not get the results that you want. You will need to chase things in a slower manner, and become more methodical over time. The more methodical you get with these things, the higher the likelihood will be that you get a good return on your investment of time and energy leaving comments behind on pages. Just remember, you will need to do this with some major thoughts on the matter. Do not just leave behind whatever notes you want, you need to have a longer methodology and one that has you thinking.

It’s easy to leave behind frivolous comments, many people do that on a regular basis. It’s not a good thing, and could end up causing a great deal of damage over time. If you want your brand to rebound in a proper method of search engine optimization, take a step back from commenting so much and create more “thoughtful” solutions moving forward, it’s the only way that you’ll be able to succeed for the future. Just remember, to keep all of these things in proper perspective.